Brand Guideline

How to use Onlyhitss logo and trademark.

Here’s how to integrate Onlyhitss branding to your marketing material the right way.

You have the ability to include our branding on any of your online and offline marketing material. All we request from you is to comply with the guidelines that we have set below. Getting the branding right the first time will save your time, money and make the process simpler and hassle free for all of us

If you have any questions about proper use, or require assistance, please contact us any time.


Our logo is the most important branding component to us. Therefore, it is vital that it is not distorted in any way. The two parts of the logo; the logo mark and the word mark should be used with no alterations either horizontally or in stacked arrangement. Both parts should always be used together. The shape, proportions, colours and orientation of the logo shouldn’t be altered at any point.

The size, position, and relationship between logomark and wordmark must remain intact, and the logo's shape, proportions,
colors, and orientation must not be changed. The wordmark should never appear alone.

Remember to space it up!

A measurement of half the height of the total logo height should be maintained from all sides when using it on a blank space. We don’t want our logo to be among clutter!

No less than 34px

While resizing is permitted depending on the requirement, the logo should be no less than 34 px (in digital medium) or 8mm (on print medium). This is vital to ensure the clarity and legibility of the logo.

Any resizing must be done proportionally to the original files, and the minimum size does not include
the surrounding clear space which must also be added

Don’t get creative. Keep it real!

Apart from proportional resizing, keep everything else about the branding of Onlyhitss real and simple. We don’t appreciate any alterations or amendments to the original logo and ask you to not get creative with it.

Don't use unapproved colours.

Don't stretch or distort.

Don't use or add shadows.

Don't rotate or skew.

Don't use transparency.

Say it and write it the right way!

Text Display

When using the brand name in text form in any written material, it is always important to capitalize the “O” and maintain the “nlyhitss” in lower case. It would ideally look “Onlyhitss” in any written format.


When pronounced, the correct approach would be to refer to the brand as "Only-hits"... not "onl-hits", "onlyts", or "onlyhit".

If you have any questions about proper use, or require assistance, please contact us any time.