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Mr.Seyed Faamil
Senior Graphic Designer

Hi There This is Faamil, Senior Creative Graphic Designer.I Work for Onlyhitss since 2015, I really Happy to work with this entertainment based business. I am pretty sure i will design cool things for Onlyhitss, because design is very important for brands such as Onlyhitss.

Mr.Kiso kanth
General Manager

I'm Kisokanth positioned as General Manager since 6th January 2014. I am glad to work with Onlyhitss Entertainment. I started my career as an Ads Publisher with our site from 13th February 2013 to 5th January 2014. We work hard towards our Success.

Album Catalog Analyst

Hi peeps! I'm Nisheanthan who works behind the albums which you are enjoying daily as album Catalog Analyst. I started as the content writer here at Onlyhitss in 2016 later started working with albums. It's a fabulous experience to be with these guys and hope I fulfill your desires on music.